I am kind of a big deal …

This is going to sound completely silly.

Few weeks ago, when I was rushing to complete tax documents for me and my wife, I discovered we’re missing few tax forms from one of our small investments. No big deal, but kind of annoying. So, I called up my financial advisor asking what should I do. He said not to worry, and promised to follow up. So, I went back to doing whatever it is I was doing.

All of a sudden, my phone rings. I pick up, and a secretary on the phone says:

Her: - Oh, hello. If you have a second, I’ll connect you with Peter So-and-So, chief executive officer of Big Real Estate Capital Inc.

Me: - Oh……..go ahead.

Peter So-and-So: - Good afternoon. Just wanted to follow up with you regarding your tax documents. Just so you know, we had a bit of a mix up, my secretary will courier the documents to you by tomorrow morning. My apologies, call me with any other issues, and if you are ever in Calgary, stop by our office.

Me: - Oh…….uhmmm….Thank you very much, Peter!

And although it was just concerning some tax documents, I felt completely bad-ass. I felt like Gordon Gekko himself called me. Coming from very humble beginnings, I could never imagine that a CEO of a company would call and talk to me. After all, I’m just one out of hundreds of investors in this particular company, yet I get his undivided attention for few minutes.

Anyways, like I said - totally silly. But kind of cool!


This message is brought to you by The Financial Underdog, and sometimes I feel like a big deal!