Follow-up on life insurance

Just wanted to follow up on this whole life insurance business. It just so happens I witnessed a rather serious car accident today right in front of me - thankfully nobody got seriously hurt - but it got me thinking how fast life can go the wrong way. One moment you’re driving down the street drinking your daily coffee and thinking what needs to be done today …. and next, you get T-boned by another vehicle, your truck gets flipped on the side, and you have to climb out of the side window bleeding from your ears. Life seems cushy sometimes, like a Groundhog Day scene being played out over and over again, and then takes a terrible turn. You have to be ready - and once the dust settles, you better be protected as it’s kind of late to buy insurance.

Think about your loved ones. They deserve protection along with you. Think of worst case scenarios - how can you be prepared for them? Do you have content insurance for your condo/house? Proper insurance for your cars? Liability insurance on your business? Life insurance? Disability insurance? Critical illness insurance?

Here’s cool infographics file on life insurance. Keep in mind, it was created by a whole life insurance company, so the bias towards whole life vs. term life is somewhat obvious. But other information is rather eye-opening:

Life Insurance Infographics