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  • I am curious about your solar investment income fund. (This appears as an ETF on your dividend cheque- with the symbol SIF).

    Solar Income Fund’s website make no mention of being available on any of the Canadian or american markets as an ETF-nor can I find it on
    I am retired (mortgage broker) - living in Kelowna, and for many years have been invested in the stock market. I am not a day trader, instead I buy and hold,trading only to either improve my portfolio, or to change my cash position. I do not have a corporate or government pension, only CPP and OAP,as I have always been self employed.
    Among my holdings are 6-8 ETF’s (mostly Vanguard etf’s). I use Q-Trade on line brokerage for purchases and sales - (cost $7.00 per trade regardless of amount or number of shares.) I do my own research. Equity holdings are 50% US, and all are dividend payers- with 2 exceptions.
    I will contact SIF, but my preference is to own shares through the market - that I can sell or buy instantly - and are very liquid.
    Good luck with your investments.

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