Dreams and goals

An epic list of my dreams and goals


Dreams and Goals

Dreams and Goals


Here are some of my dreams and goals (in no particular order) I’m trying to accomplish. Some of them are silly. Some of them are outright insane. Some are just mine, and some me and my wife share together. And some are rather simple.

Incidentally, not all of them have revolve around personal finance or investing although this is the main subject of my little blog. At the same time, if we ever get to financial independence status, achieving them might become a little bit easier.


1. Go whale watching on Vancouver Island


2. Visit abandoned city of Pripyat


3. Fully fund my kids’ post-secondary education


4. Create a successful Internet business with passive income


5. Complete post-secondary school


6. Cameo appearance in a movie (as “Police officer  #3”)


7. Bring flowers to my grandparents’ graves


8. Become an angel investor


9. Spend some time working in Australia (and surviving it)


10. Teach my kids how to start and run a profitable business


11. Become a personal finance mentor


12. Drive an army tank (briefly)


13. Adopt a dog


14. Give $500 tip to a waiter/waitress on Christmas Eve


15. Compete in a power lifting competition on amateur level


16. Trace my ancestry and creating a family tree


17. Visit my extended family in Russia (aunts, uncles, cousins)


18. Buy my wife a brand new car as a surprise gift


19. Become financially independent


20. Sit on a board of a charitable organization


21. Start a personal firearms collection


22. Reach 190 lbs. in weight (and staying there)


23. Become a father


24. Finance an independent movie


25. Meet Kevin Smith


26. Visit North and South Poles


27. Visit Churchill, MB to see polar bears


28. Plant an oak tree in our backyard


29. Become a silent investor in a profitable company


30. Experience zero gravity (once again, briefly)


31. Take my wife to Paris for a birthday celebration


32. Accept an award


33. Build a cabin or small house with my own hands


34. Restore an old motorcycle


35. Start my own scholarship for young immigrants


36. Appear on Dragons’ Den and close a deal


37. Live abroad for one year


38. Sail from Vancouver to San Francisco with my family


39. Motorcycle trip from Spain to China


40. Reach $1,000,000 in net worth


41. Fly a jet fighter


42. Cycle across Canada

  • Tim

    Very cool goals!!! Just found your blog.. another one to start reading I like it already!


    • Financial Underdog

      Thanks, Tim!

  • Great goals…you’ll have to keep us posted as you reach them. Just found your blog…look forward to reading old and new posts. Cheers!!

    • Financial Underdog

      I’m glad you like it, Mrs. Kash!