Meet Mr. and Mrs. Financial Underdogs!

Mr. Financial Underdog:


Age: Early Thirties

Current Occupation: Construction worker

Previous Occupations in Canada: Photographer, forklift driver, warehouse worker, phone book delivery person, computer assembly worker, video-game tester (not as exciting as it sounds).

First Job in Canada: Car wash employee (even less exciting)

Income (approx.): Just over $40,000/year

Highest Level of Education: Some college (started but had to drop out)

Number of years living in Canada: 10 years

Country of Origin: Born in Soviet Union which later became Russia.

Views on Money: Money should be put to work instead of being spent. Once you have enough accumulated, you can start spending the income from it. Never touch the principle.

Biggest Fear About Money: Not being able to provide enough for my family

Favorite Books: Godfather, Richest Man in Babylon, No Country for Old Men

Favorite TV show/movie: Black Hawk Down and The Sopranos

Random fact: Back in Russia, we didn’t have a phone at our home until I turned 18 (really makes your dating life hard!).  Also, we were taught how to shoot a machine gun in high school.


Mrs. Financial Underdog:


Age: Young and Beautiful

Current Occupation: Accountant in-training

Previous Occupations in Canada: Clothing store clerk, tech assistant for a phone company, bookkeeper

First Job in Canada: Tech assistant (job that requires you to ask “Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again?” hundreds of times over the course of the day)

Income (approx.): Under $40,000/year

Highest Level of Education: University degree

Number of years living in Canada : 6 years

Country of Origin: Born in Soviet Union which later became Russia.

Views on Money: Money should provide one with comfortable living.

Biggest Fear About Money: Running out of it and not being able to provide for parents living overseas when they’re unable to work

Favorite Books: Harry Potter (all of them)

Favorite TV show/movie: Currently binge-watching Supernatural.

Random fact: Likes everything British (movies, books, tea, travel destinations, accent, actors, etc.) for some reason. Loves giving gifts although always denies it.


  • Your wife sounds like someone I could be friends with… Harry Potter and Supernatural, heck yes 🙂 and my fiancé’s fave show is the Sopranos.

    • Financial Underdog

      I think the only reason she watches Supernatural is she just likes the looks of the main characters 😉

      • I didn’t say WHY I watch Supernatural either 😉

  • I was under this (false) impression that you were originally from the UK this whole time! Ahhh the former Soviet Union - takes me back to my academic days of studying Cold War history 😀

    • Financial Underdog

      Well, come on. Who else knows of Karl Marx? 🙂

  • Love posts that tell more about the authors. I also love the Godfather. I could watch the whole trilogy over and over. Now that is a good idea for this weekend!

    • Financial Underdog

      Thanks!:) The book is excellent too, you know! 🙂

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  • LumberingD

    I married a young beautiful lady from the former Soviet Union this Spring. She has radically changed how I think about money and how I spend/save it. I am stunned by the difference it has made. I still have my fancy SUV though, she can’t win them all! 🙂

    • Financial Underdog

      Hhhhmmm, I’d be interested to know what exactly changed in your views. I know immigrants think differently about money habits, did she bring some habits into your life that are different from yours? In what way?