Who is our Prime Minister? Wait, I don’t care.

So, apparently we have a new Prime Minister of Canada.

From what I’ve gathered on Facebook, he’s a young, good-looking fella (just like me) who is smart enough to win elections (so NOT like me) and brave enough to steer an entire country into The Great Unknown. Oh, poor guy. Before this we had another gentleman running this country who was into sweaters and had a somewhat creepy smile.

Apparently, the election thing happened and the old guy is out, and the new guy is in. Despite what people were saying, the sky hasn’t fallen and everything is EXACTLY the same as it was before. I still have to go to work, pay bills, be nice to my wife, buy groceries, take out garbage, be nice to my wife, fill the car with gas, shovel my driveway, and be nice to my wife. Don’t see much difference.

Aren't we awesome, Mr. Trudeau?

Aren’t we awesome, Mr. Trudeau?


But people who were rooting for the old guy are now saying the country is going to hell in a handbasket. People who were rooting for the new guy proclaim how our future is bright and awesome. Apparently there will be puppies and rainbows for everybody too.

I on the other hand missed the whole thing because I was probably preoccupied with things that actually matter. Or muffins.

Anytime somebody starts talking to me about politics, my eyes glaze a little and I go find my happy place inside of my head. Here I am at Dunkin Donuts. Or perhaps I’m on a beach in Florida with my wife. Who happens to be Natalie Portman for this particular fantasy. Basically, I’m anywhere BUT in a conversation about prime ministers, parliament, election promises, and lobbying.

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Tangerine Mastercard - New Canadian Money-Back credit card on the block and why you should consider it

Tangerine MasterCard available in preview mode

While I’m not a big fan of chasing latest and greatest credit cards, this particular credit card caught my attention for a few reasons. After looking into benefits of it, I’ve put our names for registration, and recently we’ve received our brand new Tangerine MasterCard in the mail.


I’ve always been cautious about using credit cards

First, I’ve had a bad experience with borrowing too much money for frivolous spending and balance biting me in the ass in the past. While I successfully paid off the debt and never carried the balance for almost 10 years, I’m still a bit nervous about tasting easy money and falling off the wagon like vegetarian sharks in Finding Nemo.

Second, I like keeping our finances as simple as possible to maintain peace of mind. You can certainly collect a lot of airmiles and rewards by churning credit cards with intense competition between credit card companies for new customers. But I like to keep things simple and minimize the number of financial accounts we have to avoid the headache of managing them all.

At the same time, using a credit card is inevitable these days. We do buy a fair amount of products online, book tickets and hotels when traveling, and pay for everyday expenses with it. So, if we must have a credit card, we might as well go with the one that fits our needs and habits.


Tangerine MasterCard


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