Dear Debt … it’s been a while

Dear Debt 6

Dear Debt,


It’s been a while since we’ve talked. Five years ago I’ve walked out on you. Five years ago I’ve decided to end it with you. And these five awesome years were filled with joy and happiness. In all honesty, I don’t miss you one bit.

We’ve met when I started going to college. A sweetheart counselor  thought she’s doing me a favor by introducing me to you. See, I was new to this country, and didn’t know anybody, so it felt nice to have somebody to rely on. Too bad I’ve never finished college and had to go back to work, but you’ve stuck with me even after I dropped out.


Heck, we had some good times together


My life felt easier when you were right next to me. You took me places, you bought me stuff. I remember going on a trip to Europe with you, and you made it extra sweet for me. You paid for hotel, my meals, and even an awesome camera I just had to have before heading there. I still have pictures, dear Debt.

I remember you buying me a new car. You felt I deserve something better to drive because my old car was not as shiny as new ones, and didn’t have fancy options. At first, I resisted but you’ve talked me into it by saying how hard I work and I deserve to enjoy finer things in life. So, you bought me a new set of wheels, and after parking my old car in a garage (hurt feelings!) I started driving in style, just like all of my friends.


All good things end


What started as a fun flirt on a side soon turned into a nightmare of a relationship. Before I knew it, you basically moved in with me. Good memories of trips together were long gone, but you were right next to me every day. Every night you kept me awake as I crunched the numbers in my head trying to figure out how I can make it work. You forced me to work on weekends to bring more money home to pay for you. All of my money was going towards you, but you kept demanding more and more. Your collecting friends started calling me at night asking about money. You made my food taste bland and every day seemed joyless because you sucked the life out of me. You have no idea how bad you make people feel. Heck, some people commit suicide because you got a hold of them.


This is when I said I’ve had enough.


Breaking up with you was hard but truly worth it, dear Debt. I’ve kicked you out of my house, sold your presents, and got rid of your shiny new car. Took me months to clean up your mess! But my old car was happy to see me, and in all honesty I don’t miss any of your presents. I sleep well at night, and my new friends Budget, Savings, and Investing take good care of me. We spend a lot of time together, and I haven’t thought of you for a while now. Because of them, things are looking up for me! All because I’ve made a decision to end it with you.


Dear Debt

Dear Debt


I’m glad you’re gone, dear Debt. Don’t ever come back. Forget my number, and forget my house. You’re dead to me.


Financial Underdog.




  • Haha…. brilliant 🙂 So long, sucka!

    • Financial Underdog

      Amen to that!

  • Way to capture the emotion of it all…the good and the bad.

    If only we could feel the feeling of financial independence before reaching it, we’d all be better off.

    Well done.

    • Financial Underdog

      I think you’ve described it perfectly. If only people knew how awesome it feels to be debt free, to never pay interest on your purchases, to live stress free because of it - they’d never go into debt. And the credit industry would tank. And nobody would cry for them 🙂

  • LumberingD

    In this process right now, hard to say goodbye to the car though.

    • Financial Underdog

      I know what you’re saying. But honestly, the feeling of not owing any money to anybody is probably the best feeling in the world (outside of maybe enjoying a nice grilled steak with a beer after work ;). Your life becomes so calm, it’s almost unreal!