Who is our Prime Minister? Wait, I don’t care.

So, apparently we have a new Prime Minister of Canada.

From what I’ve gathered on Facebook, he’s a young, good-looking fella (just like me) who is smart enough to win elections (so NOT like me) and brave enough to steer an entire country into The Great Unknown. Oh, poor guy. Before this we had another gentleman running this country who was into sweaters and had a somewhat creepy smile.

Apparently, the election thing happened and the old guy is out, and the new guy is in. Despite what people were saying, the sky hasn’t fallen and everything is EXACTLY the same as it was before. I still have to go to work, pay bills, be nice to my wife, buy groceries, take out garbage, be nice to my wife, fill the car with gas, shovel my driveway, and be nice to my wife. Don’t see much difference.

Aren't we awesome, Mr. Trudeau?

Aren’t we awesome, Mr. Trudeau?


But people who were rooting for the old guy are now saying the country is going to hell in a handbasket. People who were rooting for the new guy proclaim how our future is bright and awesome. Apparently there will be puppies and rainbows for everybody too.

I on the other hand missed the whole thing because I was probably preoccupied with things that actually matter. Or muffins.

Anytime somebody starts talking to me about politics, my eyes glaze a little and I go find my happy place inside of my head. Here I am at Dunkin Donuts. Or perhaps I’m on a beach in Florida with my wife. Who happens to be Natalie Portman for this particular fantasy. Basically, I’m anywhere BUT in a conversation about prime ministers, parliament, election promises, and lobbying.


When was the last time a politician did anything for you?

People running around being obsessed with politics are the most hilarious thing to watch. Ask yourself - when was the last time they did anything for you? Yes, you personally. When was the last time they fixed your car? When was the last time they improved your work conditions? When was the last time they helped your financial situation by saving 15% on car insurance by calling GEICO for you? They don’t do any of it. You do all of it.

Here you go through life doing different things. You get educated, get a job, fall in love, get another job, and buy a starter house. Life gets better, and who do you have to thank for that? Mostly, yourself. Plus may be your parents and your friends. You were the one who got educated. You were the one who got a job. You were the one who made smart decisions with money. You are the one responsible for all of those things.

And politicians? Well, while you were doing all that important stuff they argued about budgets, tax rates, global warming, and haven’t done anything besides producing hot air which is probably the cause of the global warming to begin with. They didn’t care about you. They haven’t done anything for you. They don’t even know your name.


“- But you should care! You blog about money, economy, and great bright future for your family!”

Yes, and while politics might have some effect on all of these things, paying attention to them doesn’t make sense. Your attention is a precious commodity because you only have this little free time on any given day. Shouldn’t you be paying it to things that actually matter? To things that can improve your life right away?

Politicians might change the tax code a little and give you some extra money at the end of the year (yeah, right). But you kicking ass at work might completely change your financial picture by getting a promotion. Shouldn’t you be more concerned with what really makes a difference as opposed to something distant and nonsensical?

Our prime minister might have some effect on economy, true enough. But you deciding one day that TODAY you’re opening an investment account and TODAY  you’re saving a portion of your paycheck for retirement will have a much more profound effect on your future. We’ve been saving a percentage of our income towards early retirement (or gold teeth, I haven’t decided yet) for a few years now, and it has changed our financial trajectory a whole lot more than some pretty boy in the office.

Suites in Ottawa might argue for days and days and come up with an economical protocol that changes the way Canada does business in Asia. Not sure how this will improve the number of bills I get in the mail and the size of my paycheck. Oh wait, it will not make any difference.


” - I just want a good future for my kids and this particular candidate will give it to them”

You want great future for your kids? Go hug your daughter. Hug her as much as you can as often as you can. Hug those stripper shoes out of her! Tell her to be a strong woman who knows her worth so she doesn’t end up marrying dirt bags, and becomes successful in life instead of “dancing exotically”.

Hug your son too, but not as often. May be take him to the gym and show him how to squat with a barbell to get some confidence in him. Tell him to shovel the driveway. Better yet, take him around the neighborhood and get him talking to your neighbors about shoveling their driveways too. It might not be a real business, but he’ll understand how to go out there and earn money instead of waiting for politicians to “create jobs” while he plays Xbox.

Politicians have VERY LITTLE to do with your kids future. You have EVERYTHING to do with their future. Pay attention where it’s most effective.


“- You just don’t understand the value of democracy because you are an immigrant”

Oh, whatever. You know I’m right and you’re afraid to admit you’ve been wasting your time being preoccupied with nonsensical noise.

Also, don’t confuse me disliking politicians for me disliking Canada. It’s a great country which I’m proud to call home. But politicians are not Canada.

And may be I am a bit of simpleton. After all, I’ve met dogs and cats smarter than me. So perhaps my logic won’t work for everybody. But paying attention to things that can really improve my life before I start paying attention to who runs for the office makes a whole lot of sense to me.

And if you still disagree with me, have a muffin. It will make you feel better.