• Way to go! I have to finish going through to house and put stuff up on Craigslist. (I can’t handle the shipping part of eBay right now. It sounds too exhausting even though it isn’t.) That’s not going in any fun account, but it will boost savings. We have $14,000 to go, and we need it by December.

    Like you, I can have problems spending money. My husband got incredibly frustrated when he’d try to get me to take a short vacation because it meant lowering our savings balance. So I finally just created a vacation fund. I put $100 in each month. When it comes time to do something fun, the money’s there and I don’t freak.

    • Financial Underdog

      Good job on creating a vacation fund. It’s a nice compromise. I find that it’s impossible to completely change your spouse (nor it’s not like you really want to), so you have to come up with compromises.

      My wife is the same way with clothes. She’d see a good deal on something, and buying it would mean wrecking our budget. She’d get upset, I’d get upset. So, now we have a clothing budget that she dips into once in a while - nothing crazy, but it carries over and accumulates. So, she can have a shopping spree (translation - check out 17 things and only buy two or three) when there’s money in it.