In case you’re wondering if I got hit by a bus …

… Don’t worry, I’m perfectly fine. I’m just taking a little break

1. Things are getting crazy at work. Summer is a money-making season for small businesses such as mine, so we have to soak in as much as we can get. Strike the iron when pretty girls are looking at you … I mean when it’s hot.

2. I’m currently dealing with some health issues and looking for treatment options. While it’s nothing life threatening, but it’s still time consuming to visit doctors, do my own research because I don’t trust most doctors, and then agree with doctors since they were right all along. Hopefully this gets settled some time soon, so I can move on with my life.

3. I’m currently brewing a post on how childhood affected me as a consumer. Does anybody have any personal insight into this? Would be great if somebody could share some info on how their childhood shaped them into a minimalist or the other way around.

I’ll be back shortly, and I hope everybody is enjoying summer while kicking ass at work. Or school. Or just kicking ass in life.

Yours Truly,

Financial Underdog.

  • Thanks for updating us. I’m glad you’re not in a coma or anything. I think most adults are shaped by the way they were brought up financially. I’m not a minimalist but I’m not a big consumer. My parents have always been middle class but they are also very good savers so when I was younger we didn’t buy new cars, toys, or go to Disneyland. When I moved out those habits stuck with me lol.

    • Financial Underdog

      Thanks for sharing Liquid 🙂

  • Hopefully you’ll get over this health issue very quickly. Visiting doctor regularly isn’t something very fun to do.

    • Financial Underdog

      Well, it’s not actually that bad. I’ve started my treatment and it’s going well. But going to a doctor every two weeks or so can be time-consuming since you have to make arrangements to take time off work, and so on. Being healthy is something you only appreciate when you get ill 🙂

  • Healthy Kev

    Welcome back. You were missed.

    I was raised in a family with no money and have learned the value of a dollar resulting in a mentality that you must save for the future and dont buy anything on credit.

    My wife was raised in a family with money that spent extremely frugally and that has resulted in a pushback of sorts- “why wait” “you only live once” “credit cards are awesome because they let you travel” “why wouldnt you buy a new car with zero down”

    It has let to some fun conversations.

    • Financial Underdog


      I’m sure those conversations were fun! Hope you found a good balance.

      My wife is more of a free spirit when it comes to spending money, and it did bring balance to our life simply because if it wasn’t for her I’d be living in a small apartment, eating nothing but noodles. Cause you know, it makes more financial sense. But balance is important, and I’m glad to have her for it.

  • MP

    Hey MR,

    Should have read your blog earlier as I was sad not having meeting you while in Kelowna.
    Understand now that you had more important stuff to do than hanging around on Twitter.

    Is this ill situation getting any better by now?

    Cheers from CH and good luck!