In case you’re wondering if I got hit by a bus …

… Don’t worry, I’m perfectly fine. I’m just taking a little break

1. Things are getting crazy at work. Summer is a money-making season for small businesses such as mine, so we have to soak in as much as we can get. Strike the iron when pretty girls are looking at you … I mean when it’s hot.

2. I’m currently dealing with some health issues and looking for treatment options. While it’s nothing life threatening, but it’s still time consuming to visit doctors, do my own research because I don’t trust most doctors, and then agree with doctors since they were right all along. Hopefully this gets settled some time soon, so I can move on with my life.

3. I’m currently brewing a post on how childhood affected me as a consumer. Does anybody have any personal insight into this? Would be great if somebody could share some info on how their childhood shaped them into a minimalist or the other way around.

I’ll be back shortly, and I hope everybody is enjoying summer while kicking ass at work. Or school. Or just kicking ass in life.

Yours Truly,

Financial Underdog.