What really grinds my gears: Bi-weekly Car Payments


You know what really grinds my gears sometimes?

It’s when you drive by a car dealership and see a kick-ass car on display with a huge sign  -  “Easy payments of $199! *”.

I’ve noticed - any time you see an asterisk (fancy way of saying “star symbol”), it means you’re about to step into a mine field. It might as well have a skull and bones in it. Watch where you step, and read carefully whatever is on the bottom.

Of course, in much smaller print it says “bi-weekly, on approved credit”.

Consumers have been fighting stores, corporations, and dealerships trying to outsmart each other for a long time. I must say, sadly we’re losing. Bi-weekly car payments is just another type of ammunition they’re using against innocent consumers with devastating results.


Bi-weekly car payments

Bi-weekly car payments

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