I hate cash - and here is why…

I Hate Cash


I hate paper bills in my pockets (even though new Canadian bills are now actually plastic). The sound of my pockets jingling doesn’t make my jolly. Any time I get stuck with $20 or more bucks in cash I feel the urge to run down to an ATM and deposit it into our account. Plastic money for me is a much better alternative to paper money, and when people say “- Well, cash is king!” all I want to say is “- I hate cash. Cash sucks! Cash is nothing but annoyance.”Continue Reading

Seven budgeting myths I will bust for you (number 2 is my favorite!)

Budgeting myths need to be busted


Here’s the thing about exercise. Nobody really wants to do it. We all know we should be doing it at least twice a week, yet only a minority of people actually do it. And the funny thing - people actually doing it on a ongoing basis don’t look like they actually need to do it. It’s mostly skinny beautiful people jogging in the morning! At the same time I’m staying under a blanket making up the reasons why I should stay there. My leg kind of hurts. Tuesday is not a good day to start exercising, it has to be Monday. Preferably Monday, January 1st. I don’t want to wake up my wife. The pillow is way too soft and comfy. Plus I heard about a serial killer targeting specifically joggers…Continue Reading