Micro suite living - is shoe box lifestyle for you?

Micro Suite Living

Micro suites are becoming the latest rage in urban development. Even in our small city of 200,000 people, micro suite living is becoming a reality and a choice for those looking for hamster-sized accommodations. There’s a number of micro suites projects completed with more to come:

Worman Developments - http://worman.ca/micro-suites

Cambridge House - http://cambridgehousekelowna.com

The Flats - http://www.landmark-properties.ca/properties/the-flats/

The Sole - http://soleklo.com

Let’s discuss this rather amusing trend in home building.

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Ten Years of Self-Employment and Few Random Thoughts


Ten years ago I’ve started my own business

As some of you might now, I am self employed. It’s a weird thing to say because it always needs more explaining - self employment these days can mean a variety of things. You can be self employed by pimping yourself out to larger companies as a consultant, you can be a self-employed sales person, or even a blogger/Youtuber/Instagrammer. Or you can run white powder type of goods across the border.

In my case it’s neither one of those scenarios though I heard profit margins in the last one are very appealing. Life expectancy is much shorter though and there is always a chance of ending up in jail with unwanted sexual advances of some guy named Chuck.

In my case, I run a contracting company. It’s a very traditional and boring but at the same time real business that makes things happen for our clients. This isn’t a sexy startup, it’s nothing flashy or cutting edge. Sometimes it’d downright dirty. But it has a number of customers, and it puts food on our table and pays bills for a number of people that work for me.

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