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One of the things I want to do is help readers of this blog make money and one way I can do so is by spending my advertising dollars on your sites. If you feel you have a site that falls into the niche that Money Ramblings is targeting give me your pitch as to why I should spend my money with you.

Here are a couple things to include in the pitch.

  1. A brief description about your site including how many visitors you get daily, any notable search engine rankings and anything else that makes your site attractive and stand out to advertisers.
  2. A screenshot or non password protected stats of your traffic would be nice but not necessary as I do my own research most of the time.
  3. Tell me how many unique visitors I can expect to receive in a month from the ad. Do you guarantee this number and if you fall short would you push my site in other areas of your site to make up for it?
  4. Do you offer me perks like a free blog post devoted to reviewing Money Ramblings, or a permanent place in your “links”.
  5. Your price. I don’t like to devote more than 5% of my monthly ad budget (currently at $1000) to any single placement unless of course your site stands out in both traffic numbers and reputation.

You must also accept PayPal as the form of payment.

Use the contact form to pitch me. The answers to #3 & #4 influence me the most.

Please note that if I don’t respond that means I’m not interested but your welcome to keep pitching.

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